• Q. Angermann (PhD student, 2014-2017, 50%): Towards new imaging capabilities for videocolonoscopy: application to early diagnosis of colorectal cancer.
  • A. Von Chong (PhD student, 2015-2018, 50%): Smart System for Real-Time Embedded Measurement and Analysis of Gaz Blood.
  • E. De Roux (PhD student, 2015-2018, 50%): Embedded System for Monitoring of Fibrosis Phenomenon Realted to Implants using Impedance Spectroscopy.
  • C. Fouquet (PhD student, 2011-2014, 50%): Automatic default recognition for semi-automatic pipeline inspection using ultrasonics inspection tool.
  • L. Meziou (PhD student, 2010-2013, 70%): Histogram-based active contour using alpha-divergences with application to medical and biomedical image segmentation.
  • A. El Hassen (MSc student, 2015, 50%): Hardware implementation (FPGA) of ECG filtering approaches for real-time QRS, PR and ST detections.
  • A. Izart (MSc student, 2013, 50%): Hardware implementation (FPGA) of Cooccurence Matrices with application to embedded automatic polyp detection in Wireless Capsule Endoscopy.
  • C. Azib (MSc student, 2013, 50%): Hardware implementation (FPGA) of Circular Hough Transform.
  • J. Silva (MSc student, 2012, 70%): Towards embedded automatic detection of polyps within Wireless Capsule Endoscopy using a boosting based approach.
  • M. Maillard (MSc student, 2011, 100%): Entropy based active contour segmentation of actin-tagged confocal microscopy images.
  • M. Breuilly (MSc student, 2009, 50%): Investigation of histogram-based active contour method for medical image segmentation.

Professional Information

  • University: University of Cergy-Pontoise

  • Laboratory: ETIS UMR CNRS 8051

  • Email:

  • Phone: +
    Fax: +

  • Address: ENSEA, ETIS Lab, 6 av. du Ponceau, 95014 Cergy-Pontoise, France

Ongoing Projects

  • SmartEEG (2013-...): Intelligent Platform for Distant Monitoring of EEG
    Funded by: FUI 15
  • FibroSES Project (2013-...): Automatic evaluation of Fibrosis Phenomenon Related to Biomedical Implants
    Funded by: CNRS (PEPS DEFI-SENS)
  • Cyclope Project (2011-...): Towards intelligent Wireless Capsule Endoscopy for Early Detection of Colorectal Cancer.
    Funded by: ENSEA (BQR), Patrima Labex

    This project has now become the NAuTilES project. More info here
  • REX Project (2014-...): Extraction and Processing of underlying Texts: Study of a Marie-Antoinette secret Correspondence
    Funded by: Labex PATRIMA. More info here
  • SIMBAD Project (2008-...): Biomedical and Image Segmentation for Computer-Aided-Diagnosis.
    Funded by: ENSEA (BQR), University of Cergy-Pontoise

Past Projects

  • GEODIFF Project (2011-2015): Joint SMA-PDE Modelling of Complexe Diffusion Process with application to Image Processing.
    Funded by: CNRS (PEPS Rupture)
  • TERAFS Project (2009-2011): Technology in Radiotherapy Feasibility Studies.
    Funded by: EPSRC
  • ECSON Project (2007-2009): Engineering and Computational Science for Oncology Network.
    Funded by: EPSRC